Frequently Asked Questions

by | Aug 10, 2020

Below is a series of short videos that we hope will explain the science behind iron salt aerosols as a natural geochemical process that happens in the atmosphere in the “boundary layer” in the first few hundred meters above the world’s oceans — and that we hope to mimic in order to greatly accelerate the rate of methane reduction, thereby reducing its deleterious effects on global warming and climate change..

Each video is the answer to a frequently asked question; the total running time for all 16 videos is 21 minutes.

1. What is an aerosol? (0:22)


2. What is Iron Salt Aerosol (ISA)? (0:40)


3. How does Iron Salt Aerosol remove methane from the atmosphere? (2:07)


4. Why does Iron Salt Aerosol form naturally over the ocean? (1:39)


5. How is methane affecting climate change? (1:16)


6. How fast is methane concentration rising? (1:16)


7. What is Polar Amplification? (0:45)


8. What danger is posed by frozen Arctic methane hydrates? (1:25)


9. What would be the effect of a sustained accelerated Arctic methane release? (1:46)


10. Could artificial Iron Salt Aerosol reverse sea level rise?( 1:52)


11. Would artificially produced Iron Salt Aerosol be safe? (1:23)


12. Would it be safe to restore atmospheric methane to preindustrial level? (0:43)


13. Why do we say Iron Salt Aerosol needs to be developed and tested? (1:13)

14. Where are the best places to locate Iron Salt aerosolizers? (1:14)


15. What makes us confident that artificial Iron Salt Aerosol will work at scale? (1:33)


16. What are our plans? (1:07)