“Iron Salt Aerosol looks likely to be critically important for climate repair.”

— Sir David King FRS, Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Cambridge; Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and Head of the Government Office for Science 2000–2007


“There is no doubt that the photocatalytic effect works. The question is whether ISA can be sufficiently scaled. Our planned atmospheric modelling and smog chamber testing should determine that.”

— Prof Matt Johnson, Professor of Chemistry, Copenhagen University

Peter Wadhams

“Of the various methods which are being developed to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, the Iron Salt Aerosol technique (ISA) is of particular value, as it deals with methane as well as carbon dioxide and involves only a modest use of a reactive agent which is distributed in aerosol form over the ocean surface. The technique has not yet been validated although it works in principle. Given the urgent need to remove greenhouse gases, particularly methane in the present situation where the world is menaced by a threatened large scale Arctic methane outbreak, this validation work should be carried out with high priority.”

— Peter Wadhams, Prof of Ocean Physics, Dept of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.


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